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“I have a DREAM….”

Dr. Martin L. King Jr.  August 28, 1963

“Not everyone can be famous but everyone can be great because greatness is defined by service.” – Dr. M. L. King Jr.

Like Dr. Martin L. King Jr. before us, LEAP Forward, Inc. also has a Dream.   A dream for our youth.  Our life’s mission is to help and guide our youth and our goal is to provide them Hope and Opportunity.

Our nation as a whole has experienced a decline in youth pursuing math and science education and careers.  LEAP Forward, Inc. programs and services are available to all youth.

As minority engineers we are intimately aware of the gap that exists for women and African American.  Due to the scarcity of minority youth in the pipeline aspiring to enter the profession, we want to give back to our community by sharing our knowledge, opening doors of opportunities, and introducing possibilities.  The potential for youth to enter careers in math and science is limitless especially since this society is becoming more technologically dependent and needs competent and talented professionals.  We need a generation of diverse youth (from underrepresented ethnic and cultural backgrounds) that are prepared to accept the challenges to engineer a world that is a better place for all of us.  We dream of creating that critical pipeline of talent by promoting awareness and providing access to programs and services.  Out of a mountain of despair we will hew out a stone of hope.

We touch dreams…Don’t let the dream die.

Our Dream

“Great it is to dream the dream,

When you stand in youth by the starry stream.

But a greater thing is to fight life through,

And say at the end, the dream is true.”   Edwin Markham (1852-1940)

LEAP Forward has a dream that:

  • All youth will be given the hope and opportunities necessary to become empowered to be the best they can be.
  • All youth will be afforded the chance to live lives that give meaning to their existence.
  • All youth and especially minority youth won’t have to walk alone but will be guided by the experiences and lessons of others.
  • Minority youth from underrepresented ethnic and cultural backgrounds will press past disappointments and strive to see their dreams come to pass because they are encouraged to do so.
  • Minority youth will learn more about the outstanding accomplishments of other minorities in the math and science career fields and be inspired.
  • Exposure to technical careers, professionals, and industries will provide a seed that will yield a pool of well prepared resources to meet future demands.
  • The talents and gifts of their young minds will be captured for the future.
  • Youth will not only dream but will do and become what they dream.

What can we do together?

Dare to give of ourselves

Reach beyond “us” to be an

Ever present help

Available and ready to serve and

Make a Difference

Scholarship Process

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