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News – Archived – 2011

                                                      November 11-13, 2011 

                                         College Tour of TSU in Nashville, TN

LEAP Forward President speaks to Students from Erie, PA  August 2011
LEAP Forward holds its Scholarship Reception on July 16, 2011
            Press Release

 2011 Scholarships Announced

Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarships

Huntingtown High School      $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Dashawn Torney                Stevenson University            

   Briana Wilkerson                 UMES                                    

   Pierce Jordan                     Temple University                  

   Jared Adams                      Shenandoah                            

 Patuxent High School             $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Tyler Austin                       Salisbury                                

   Daneya Boyd                      Salisbury                                

 Northern High School             $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Randl Dent                        VA Union                              

   Malik Tonkins                    GWU                                     

 Calvert High School               $500.00 Book Scholarships

   Tierra Cooke                     Husson University                 

   Turquoise Biscoe                UMES                                    

   Shameka Harvey                Stevenson                               

Raneese Tyler                   Stevenson                               

   Latara Swann                    Morgan                                   

   Travon Long                     Stevenson                               

 * Pam Offer Memorial Scholarships Administered by LEAP Forward, Inc.

 Huntingtown High School

Sonya Crane*                    Towson  

Calvert High

Tiffany Toye*                   Morgan   

Current College Student

Kyle Hutlzer                      Yale

 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarships Administered by LEAP Forward $1000.00 Scholarships

Northern High School

Jordan Paul Wilson            Seattle University                                           

Current College Students

Kelsey Edwards                 Lincoln Memorial                

Riddicia Mackall                 Howard      

  •                                 ENGINEERING DAY
  • Engineering and College Prep Day held on April 3, 2011! at The Greater Bibleway Church located at 2300 Sixes Road Prince Frederick, Maryland.     Presentations! Panel Discussion!  Hands On Demonstrations!  Exhibits!  Youth Joined a panel of African American Engineers and other professionals who shared their knowledge and wisdom!   It’s never too early to start preparing for a great future! 

                                         Engineers Burdette Wills, Baron Dill, Carlton Russell, Marseta Dill, Rhonda Thomas, Alma Thomas, Wilhemina Greene, Shannell Nero, Dr. Anthony Waul

  •                           COLLEGE TOUR 2011
  • College Tour for College Bound African American Young Men who are High School Juniors or Seniors; GPA at least 2.5; can present PSAT, SAT or ACT scores; considering an out-of-state University.  Location: Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. November 11-13, 2011
  •         College Tour Interest Application due 9/15/2011

                                 NEWSLETTER 2011

  • 3/11/2011  LEAP Forward Annual LEAPERS NEWSLETTER
  • 2/24/2011 Thank you note from Barstow Elementary!
  • 2/24/2011 Engineering Day at Barstow Elementary School  In support of National Engineering Week 60th Anniversary, Hundreds of students participated in this outreach activity as LEAP Forward provided  presentations, demonstrations, and exhibits!

                     SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS 2011

  • LEAP Forward participates in the Calvert County, MD Local Scholarship Application                
  • The 2011 Calvert Local Scholarships Application allows Calvert County students the opportunity to apply for 26 local scholarships using one application form.  To access the guidelines, Provider List, and the 2011 Calvert LSA form; please go to www.somdcan.org, then click on the Calvert LSA tab.  Download and print the Guidelines and Provider List and then download the 2011 Calvert LSA fillable PDF form, complete online, print and follow instructions for the Calvert LSA Mail-In Packet.  Any questions, please contact Sonia K. Wagner at skwfinaid@comcast.net
  • 2011 Scholarship Applications Available!
  •                 Deadline April 2, 2011!
  • 2011 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (Word)
  • 2011 Rev. Charles Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Application (pdf)
  • 2011 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (Word)
  • 2011 Wallace Leeper Memorial Book Scholarship Application (pdf)