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Programs – Scholarships

LEAP Forward, Inc. administers the Wallace Leeper Memorial Scholarship given in memory of an outstanding high school counselor who really cared. 

LEAP Forward, Inc. administers the Charles H. Lee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship given in memory of a dedicated servant of God who served others well.

With the soaring cost of college expenses, many of our youth are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully complete their studies or finish without incurring enormous debt.  The average cost of one book ranges from $75 -$150.  Our Book scholarships make a difference.  Previous scholarship recipients have aspired to great heights.

  Student Successes:

      – Michelle Brooks (Business graduate Bowie State University)

     –   Jessica Brooks (Business graduate Morgan State University

–         Shionta Pumphrey (nursing graduate Hampton University)

 –   Marseta Dill (engineering graduate Tennessee State University)

–         Joanita Ayers (engineering graduate Tennessee State University)

–          Brandon King (engineering graduate MIT)

–         Lynette Johnson (computer science graduate Virginia State University)

–   Rebecca Fields (elementary education graduate Bowie State University)

–   LaShawn Fenwick (biology graduate University of MD-ES)

–         Danielle Johnson (graduate Johnson and Wales University)

–         Monique Dingle-Taylor (graduate Howard University)

–         Gordon Taylor III (graduate Towson State University)

–         Terrell Ennis (graduate Towson State University)

–         Denikka Brown (graduate University of MD-ES)

–         Tiffany Gray (graduate University of MD-ES)

–    Jasmine Brown (graduate of Morgan State University)

–    Nalynn Holland (graduate of Salisbury University)

–    Gerard Mushette (graduate of Geneva College)

–    Terrence Hall Sutton (graduate of Delaware State)

–    Dominique Reid (graduate of University of Maryland College Park)

–    Dynika Gross (graduate of UMBC)

–    Kelsey Edwards (graduate of Washington College)

–    Courtney Sutton (graduate of Bowie State University)

–    Kendra Edwards (graduate of High Point University)

–    Jhalita Holland (graduate of Winston Salem University)

–    Michelle Brooks (graduate of Bowie State University)